Bring Your Business Online By Learning How To Build Your Website With Local Payment Solution In 2 Days.


What You'll Learn In This Course

Top 5 Key Things To Build Your Site

The 5 most important things in order to build a beautiful website that attracts people and generate sales online.

Connect Local Payments

Go online with your business and receive money into your local bank account such as Aruba Bank, CMB and RBC when someone buys on your website.

What Content To Put on Your Site

Not every information needs to be on your website. Let us teach you how and what you need to have on your site in order to receive customers.

How To Be Found On Google

Google is the biggest search platform in the world. If your site is not on Google, most likely people are not going to find you. Let us show you how to be visible on Google.

The Fundamentals of a successful site

In order for your website to attract sales and leads, your site fundamentals need to be on point. Learn what those are and how you should work with them.

How To Drive People to Your Site

After building your website, you need to send people to it in order for them to buy your service or product. Learn how to send people to your site and make money.

Chat With Customers & Fullfil orders From Your Phone

Managing your business online simple and easy. Chatting with site visitors and monitor everything as it happen.

Make Sure Your Site is Secure

Security in this online world is very important. Making sure your website is secure and your information are not exposed to theft is how you solve this. Learn more about this

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By Following This Course, You Will Leave With A Brand New Website.

Desktop & Laptop Friendly Site

Making sure your site looks professional on a computer and laptop. Teaching you the fundamentals, and making sure you understand how to build your website professionally.

How To Build Website For Mobile

89% of people use their cellphone to do everything in todays world. Making sure your website is functional on a mobile is a must. This is why we want to show you how to design and adjust things on the mobile version of your site.


How To Use Colors & Give Your Site a Good Look and Feel

Using the right colors is very important for the look of your website. This is why knowing how to work with colors and making sure you have the right color on your website is a must.

Connecting Payments and Receiving Order Payments 

For a long time, businesses in Curaçao wasn't able to go online due to payment. Now it is possible! Let us show you how you can take your business online, receive payments & grow!

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Manage Your Online Business all From Your Phone

Being able to talk with people who are on your website live and also fulfilling orders that your customer make. 

27+28 Augustus 2022

10 AM - 2PM 

Futura Aruba

Schotlandstraat, Oranjestad Aruba




2 Day Website Course Event

Website E-Book Guide

Leave With Your Website Finished

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